Lovers Leap State Park and a Drone

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Lovers Leap State Park

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Lovers Leap State Park offers scenic views of Lake Lillinonah (Housatonic River). This is generally an easy hike though choosing to scale the hill on parking side of the bridge for scenic views is more dificult. Most visitors cross the historic Berlin Iron Bridge and take the Lovers Leap Trail. I recommend that and following the side trails for more scenic views and to traverse some historic ruins. Visit the small castle, tea house, the silex factory, the Indian spring house and as many of the overlooks (denoted by a binocular logo on the state park map) as you can. The main view is from Lovers Leap, a rock outcrop where tradition claims that Indian Chief Waramaug's daughter Lillinonah and her white lover plunged to their deaths in the falls. The story seems to resemble fantasy more than history. Wikipedia highlights a large number of "Lovers Leap" locations throughout the country as lovers plunging to their deaths appears to be a common literary motif. Romeo and Juliet anyone? For many the "wrought-iron lenticular truss bridge" built in 1895 by the Berlin Iron Bridge Company is the main atteaction. It is listed in the National Historic Places Registry (NHPR).

All of the above photos were taken with a DJI Mav 2 Mini except for the last one which was taken with an iphone 13 pro max.

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