Great Falls and a Drone

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Great Falls

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Great Falls near Falls Village is sometimes called the "Niagara of Connecticut." For those who have been to Niagara Falls we know this is a bit of a stretch but its flow rate ranks it as the mightiest waterfall in Connecticut. There is a dam at the top as Housatonic river water is diverted for power generation throughout the year. In the photos above, the water flow rate was on the smaller side. Imagine how spectacular these falls would be during peak viewing times when the flow rate is higher. Their sound alone would make listening to the person next to you difficult. From the parking area just follow the water downstream using white-blazed appalachian trail markers. The trail direction is not always clear and some of the spots are steep and moderate depending on where you want to end up but its a short walk overall. Firt Light Power owns this recreational area and it will occasionally close as it is dangerous here. Don't think because you are allowed to be there its safe. Rapidly rushing water can kill you regardless of your swimming abilities. When water falls straight down it can create a "keeper hole" which essentially is a current that would keep a person tumbling backwards indefinitely (hydraulic hole). Sometimes water that looks calm on top can have strong currents underneath and its hard to tell what the terrain is like underwater. Water sometimes can flow though something that would trap a human (underwater tree or cave). Water flowing at this volume must be respected. See the PDF on river hazards above. Fortunately in the summer when people illegally swim here the water is usually much lower than during early spring when winter snows melt. There are usually strong rapids and more water than the dams can handle along the Housatonic during this time period. You could also take a short educational trail going upstream from the parking lot about the historic Ames Iron Works.

All of the above photos were taken with a DJI Mav 2 Mini! The bridge in the photos is just downstream and known as Falls Bridge.

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