Tournament Winners

Winners of Chess Club Tournaments are forever immortalized here. Old bracket results are posted in addition to logs of the final game played for the Championship!

Bracket: 02/14 Game Log:
Winner: Sonny Day

Why Play Chess?

To delineate your vastly superior mental acuity and to "To crush your enemies -- See them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of their women." Or in more school-friendly, politically correct terms:

  • [1]Improve problem solving techniques
  • [2]Improve logic and reasoning skills
  • [3]Increase patience and persistence
  • [4] Improve decision-making skills
  • [5] Assess situations, think critically, make predictions

Who can Join?

The Chess club is open to seasoned veterans, those seeking to refine their existing game or students interested in learning how to play chess. You don't have to worry about "not being good" or not really knowing how to play. All you need to join is an interest in chess and a desire to learn.


How do I Join?

See Mr. Sapone in Room 402 and sign up. We meet monthly during activity periods and time is reserved after school Mondays through Wednesdays. I also keep chess boards in my room that you can sign out during free periods if your teacher allows it.